Whispering Beard Folk Festival was a dream, a vision. The kind of once in a lifetime opportunity to do something greater than ourselves. Founded in 2008 by Matthew Wabnitz and Katfish Williams with the idea that many of our friends had these amazing bands, so why not put on an outdoor show for all them to play and all of our friends to show up. They maybe didn't realize the community they were building back then

How it would grow to be as big as y'all have gotten. Over the past 5 years WBFF has done things their own way. Without the help of big corporate sponsorship, with just word of mouth and a lot of pounding the pavement. We've passed out flyers and sent online posts. We've gone to some of the finest theaters and some of the dumpiest watering holes just to show our support for all the great local, regional, and national talent we find to be of the utmost caliber.

We've picked with you and sang with you. Danced, dream and laughed with you. Because WBFF isn't about any one person, or one group, its about the community. It's about the need to preserve traditional folk music as well as encourage a new wave of younger folk-inspired musicians. It's about the soil in bluegrass, the dirt behind the fingernails. Its about banjos and brothers, and fiddles and sisters. And soul possessed country singers. Its about you and about me and everywhere any of us have ever been.

WBFF isn't just a festival, its something greater than that. It's something you just feel in the pit of your stomach like a first kiss or spring. It's about you and me and us...for three days it's just about us.

"Best grass fest I've been to in a long while. Yall did a hell of a job. Nothing but good times and good people." - Camp 107 = Muskrat Hole
"Thank You Guys for an Amazing Weekend!!!!! Peace, love and music." - Anonymous

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April 1st, 2017

Taste of Whispering Beard

Southgate House Revival @ 7pm
Willy Tea Taylor, The Harmed Brothers, Darrin Bradbury, Soda Gardocki, Maria Carrelli, Joe Fletcher, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, ONA, Qiet Purchase Tickets!