Jordan Smart

Just as his name suggests, Jordan is indeed a Smart guy. The Folk Singer-Songwriter is currently based out of the Central Coast of California, currently being an important word here. Living in one region doesn’t usually last for too long for the Ohio born troubadour. Having dwelled in the high desert plains in Colorado, amongst the towering redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains, along the breathtaking coastline of the Monterey bay, and in

Jordan Smart

the lush green landscape of Humboldt county, rambling is nothing new to this self proclaimed “Part-time Hobo” and you can hear it in his tunes.

Smart writes songs like a traveller, as if he were sitting on the side of the road with all the time in the world upon which to reflect. With his knapsack packed full of original tunes varying from heartfelt tear-jerkers to belly-laughing Talkin’ Blues tunes, Smart has charmed his way into the hearts of audiences around the country. He has performed in venues large and small, street festivals and music festivals, wine-tasting rooms and dive bars, sidewalks and subway stations, peace and justice centers and political rallies, elementary auditoriums and college campuses, nursing homes and redwood forests, living rooms and backyards. Wherever he plays, he plays with heart.

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April 1st, 2017

Taste of Whispering Beard

Southgate House Revival @ 7pm
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