The Harmed Brothers

The Harmed Brothers

The Harmed Brothers


Based out of Eugene, Oregon, The Harmed Brothers are an up and coming force in the Folk/Roots/Independent music scene. Chronic touring and constant writing have made up the last four years for the ʺindie-grassʺ group.

Founded in North Carolina, the band took its eventual shape in Cottage Grove, Oregon upon the meeting of guitarist/vocalist Ray Vietti and banjoist/vocalist/keyboardist Alex Salcido. Soon after teaming up, The Harmed Brothers released their acoustic debut ʺAll The Lies You Wanna Hear,ʺ in 2010. Since its release, the band and their live show have evolved into a beast within themselves.

From bluegrass trio, to a manic-mariachi duo to five instrument outfit, the Harmed Brothers have never lost the key elements that have made their show and their music so special: driving guitars, a raging banjo, soulful harmonies, vocals and songs that howl at the moon and scream into the abyss. These tales of love, loss, despair, curiosity and triumph are the separate and collective works of co-songwriters Vietti and Salcido and are shared and exchanged vocally in-studio and on-stage. Backed by drummer Ben Kilmer and upright bassist Zach Kilmer, the end result is a unique, emotional roller-coaster of storytelling and performing.

The Harmed Brothers have slung-shot back and forth across the country, building a following and strengthening an ever-growing repertoire and becoming part of a giant family within the new American independent music scene. In May 2012, The Harmed Brothers released their sophomore effort, ʺCome Morning,ʺ on LackPro Records. The album has met rave reviews, stretching across greater North America and Europe.

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