Chicago Farmer

Chicago Farmer

Chicago Farmer

He came into the Whispering Beard community in what these 5 years later seem like a dream.

The sun had just rested beyond the horizon, a light mist provoked the air and crowd. A single chair was placed on stage. A single microphone in front of it. He was introduced, a stranger walking across the stage. The crowd waiting, slightly restless and talkative. He sat down, plugged in his acoustic guitar, harmonica strapped around his neck, and started a set that in some circles, has gone down as one of the best we’d ever seen.

There he was, singing for the everyman, for the worker and romantic, the young and the old, drunkard and poet, dreamer and farmer. When it was over most of us knew exactly what we had just saw and heard. A musician capable of turning over an entire audience rendering them speechless. During some songs it felt like you could hear a pin drop.

He walked onto that stage a stranger, and walked off of it a friend. A friend who just brought the damn sun down. His music can inspire, provoke, turn all kinds of emotional directions, and leave you with the sense that you are listening to not only the everyday happenings of the world, but listening to them in a way you yourself have always wanted to express but never knew how.

Lets welcome our friend back for the 2013 Whispering Beard Folk Festival

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April 1st, 2017

Taste of Whispering Beard

Southgate House Revival @ 7pm
Willy Tea Taylor, The Harmed Brothers, Darrin Bradbury, Soda Gardocki, Maria Carrelli, Joe Fletcher, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, ONA, Qiet Purchase Tickets!