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Venue Map




No PETS allowed.

Keep the critters at home. (You can always pet Mulekick if ya' get the urge!)

All camping is primitive.

Some grass between the toes and some sunshine above is all you need here.

Restrooms are available.

Port-o-Potties and indoor restrooms on site.

Ice is available.

Purchase ice at the front gate.

Camping wrist band must
be worn at all times.

It keeps the hassles down and the vibes up!

No vehicles in camping. No Exeptions! 

Park your car in the lot and your Beard in

front of the stages!

Drop off locations for unloading gear.

The sooner you set up, the sooner you can sit down!

No generators in camping.

The only sounds you need will be coming from the stages!

No campfires permitted. 

We will have all the fire you need flying from them pickin' finger tips! 

No charcoal grills permitted. 

It's messy and a little to hard to put out. Camping stoves and

gas grills are ok. 

No glass bottles allowed in camping or venue.

Glass breaks and is much more difficult to clean up

and to recycle.

No weapons or firearms of any kind.

Don't need to explain this one.

Children under 12 must be accompanied
by an adult at all times.

Keep an eye on all those little beardos!

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